The Fragile X Laboratory provides molecular analysis of the fragile X gene FMR1 by PCR and Southern analysis in conjunction with IBR’s Specialty Clinical Laboratories.  We have performed more than 3,000 fragile X prenatal studies of chorionic villi (CVS) and amniotic fluid (AF).  We also provide diagnostic laboratory services for women screened for fragile X carrier status and for individuals with developmental disabilities.

Fragile X syndrome is a common cause of an inherited developmental disability caused by the expansion of a CGG repeat in the 5’ untranslated region of the FMR1 gene.  While the repeat is stable in the general population, the repeat size increases dramatically in families with Fragile X syndrome.  Our research is targeted at identifying factors that contribute to repeat instability within families.


Specimen Submission Process

To arrange to refer a specimen to the Molecular Diagnostic Laboratory, please follow these instructions: Fragile X Lab - Intake Procedures for Prenatal Diagnosis.

All specimens should be shipped to:

Molecular Diagnostic Laboratory
Department of Human Genetics
Institute for Basic Research
1050 Forest Hill Road
Staten Island, NY 10314

Please telephone Tatyana Adayev, PH.D., with any questions


IBR partakes in institutional billing or bills patient's insurance directly (please see requisition form).

Please provide a copy (front and back) of the insurance card and submit along with the specimen and requisition form. 

Requisition Form

Requisition Form -- Fragile X Molecular Analysis

This form may be filled out online or by hand.  After the form is completed, including signatures, please enclose it in the package with the specimen you submit to the Molecular Diagnostic Laboratory.